Wool is easy to be eaten by insects, and it is also light and easy to deform. Therefore, before storing it, it must be washed and dried, folded and bagged flat, and avoid hanging it to prevent it from hanging and deforming; It is recommended to lay the sun dried woolen sweater flat on a table covered with a towel, organize it into its original shape by hand, and dry it in the shade. Measure it to its original size with a ruler, and avoid hanging it for exposure in summer. Do not mix with other types of products in the same bag; Store in a dark, ventilated, and dry place. Pay attention to mothproof measures when storing, and it is strictly prohibited for mothproof agents to come into direct contact with woolen sweaters.

  1. Wearing
    When wearing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following details. Due to the delicate and soft nature of wool fibers, they are highly susceptible to damage if not taken seriously. When wearing it internally, it is best to have a smooth inner garment that is not too rough, and the inner bag should not contain hard objects to avoid local friction and pilling. When wearing it externally, try to minimize friction with harder objects (such as sleeves and tabletops, sleeves and sofa armrests, back and sofa, etc.) and forcefully pull hard hooks. The wearing time should not be too long. Pay attention to intervals around 10 days to restore elasticity.

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