According to historical records, the origin of weaving short sleeves in summer can be traced back to Middle Ages Europe. At that time, European wearing was generally drooped by a large coat. When summer comes, people will fold this coat, and then sew a short -sleeved coat. In this way, you can fully expose your arm, more comfortable and cool.

Over time, the technology of weaving short sleeves in summer has also continued to develop and improve. In the 19th century, American farmers began to use weaving technology to make short sleeves in summer. This weaving technology allows them to make a lighter and durable summer short sleeve at a lower price, which brings them more convenience.

By the beginning of the 20th century, weaving short -sleeved in summer has been widely used in European and American countries. Due to the continuous development of weaving technology, weaving short sleeves in summer has gradually become lighter, comfortable, and durable, becoming a must -have item for summer clothing. Today, weaving summer short sleeves has become an important element of modern fashion clothing, and has been widely used in different regional culture.

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