The production process of producing cashmere sweater in the factory,

  1. Choose fluff: The factory must first choose high -quality cashmere fur from domestic and foreign markets and test it to ensure that the quality meets the standard.
  2. Comb hair: Make the fluffy combed to make it softer and remove excess hair.
  3. Processing: Make the sorted fluffy fluff and make a wool. This step requires fine technology.
  4. Weaving: Weave wool into a sweater for stitching into the final product. This step requires professional weaving technology.
  5. Stitching: Switch the sweater into a complete product to check its quality and appearance.
  6. Spreading: The stitching sweater is performed to make its appearance perfect.
  7. Inspection: Finally, check to ensure that the quality meets the standard and prepares to ship.
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Cashmere fibers are composed of a squamous layer and a cortical layer, without a medullary layer. Although it also has irregular curls, the number of curls is less than fine hairs. The average diameter of the fibers is 15-16 microns, and the length is mostly 35-45 millimeters. Cashmere has better strength and elasticity than wool, but is more sensitive to acids, alkalis, and heat. Even under weak treatment conditions, fiber damage is more pronounced.

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