Women’s sweater styles include: knitted pullover, knitted cardigan, knitted dress, knitted shirt, knitted shawl, sweater coat, cardigan, knitted British shirt, striped sweater, ruffled sweater, embroidered sweater, washed cotton sweater, cashmere sweater, wool sweater, wool jacket, short sweater, knitted sweater, sweater dress, sweater vest, etc. Women’s sweaters commonly used fabrics are: wool, wool, cashmere, washed cotton, cotton, knitted cotton, nylon, cotton, and a variety of characteristic yarn fabrics. Women’s sweaters are made of richer fabrics than men’s sweaters.knit cardigan streetwear,jacquard cardigan floral, that’s what our specialist machines can do.

Women's summer one-piece knitted vest
Men's Christmas ugly sweater

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