The knitted sweater industry is a relatively traditional link in China’s clothing industry. Its products cover many fields, from seasonal knitted products to peripheral sweaters for daily wear, and then to baby clothes produced by manufacturers that focus on children’s clothing. Then there are the oversized sweaters. Knitted sweaters bring a texture experience to end consumers, and have basic functions such as sweat absorption and anti-skid, so they still occupy a relatively large share in the retail field.

A vest sweater, also known as a short-sleeved sweater or vest sweater, is an articulating sweater that is a staple summer garment. Vest sweaters are generally divided into two types: one is knitted vest sweater, the yarn distribution is tight, smooth and elastic, light weight, soft, and various colors, which is one of the best choices for summer ladies’ clothing; the other is cotton knit Vest sweater, thicker, khaki, etc., usually men’s clothing will prefer this style.

In the process of producing vest sweaters, knitting sweater factories should fully consider the characteristics of the fabric, including the softness, moisture absorption, elasticity, warmth, texture and other characteristics of the fabric, so as to achieve the most reasonable product quality of vest sweaters. The factory should pay attention to the production process of knitted vest sweaters, and focus on the washing durability, color fastness, weight stability, density stability, usefulness and triaxial tension tolerance of the experimental fabrics, so that the quality can meet the national standard requirements and let consumers Those who buy with confidence.

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