Some knitted sweater factories specialize in the production of children’s sweaters, so as to meet the market demand for children’s sweaters. This production of knitted sweaters is usually divided into two basic processes, namely weaving and making.

The weaving process is the first process of sweater making, and it usually needs to be operated on the loom according to the design pattern to manufacture various types of knitted sweaters required for dressing. The types of fabrics include single stripes, double stripes, diagonal stripes, curved stripes, and mixed fabrics. When weaving, it is also necessary to adjust the thickness and color of the sweater to make it meet the size specified by the customer.

Next comes the production process, which is the final state of the sweater, the final result in the size and shape of the sweater. The production process usually requires steps such as sewing, cutting, butting the sweater into one piece and sewing ribbons, waistbands, zippers, handles and other important elements, which can also enhance the appearance and quality of children’s sweaters.

To sum up, the process of producing children’s sweaters in knitted sweater factories not only requires accurate weaving technology, but also requires high-precision production details to meet the market’s requirements for the quality of children’s knitted sweaters.

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