Today, I will introduce the production process of a knitted sweater factory.

The factory extracts fiber from the down of full-length sheep to make sweaters and a specific men’s pullover. First, knitters will weave fibers into large-scale knitted fabrics, process them with manual machines, such as weaving them into different style structures, and then cut them into garment sizes and shapes, and mark the sizes and styles through packaging and hang tags.

They are then laundered in the washing machine to remove the fixings on the sweater, as well as the shrinkage and set temperatures, before being placed in the dryer to firm up the cut texture. The cut clothes are then put on the hanger for quality inspection to ensure that each piece of clothing is even and fine.

Finally, the sweater is left on the hanger for delivery, and with the appropriate accessories, it is put into a garment bag and shipped to the various retail stores.

From the above, it can be seen that the knitted men’s pullovers produced by the knitted sweater factory go through multiple complicated steps, the material utilization rate is high, and the product quality is good. These steps can ensure that each product is of high quality and is fashionable, comfortable and Satisfactory product.

In a word, the above is my introduction to men’s pullover made by knitted sweater factory, I hope it can bring you unprecedented information.

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