How to Produce knitted Kids Pullovers in a knitted sweater factory

There are many key steps in producing knitted kids pullovers in a knitted sweater factory, let’s take a closer look-

  1. Design: Before starting production, you first need a perfect design to make children’s shirts more beautiful. Before creating a new design, it is recommended to update and modify the existing styles according to the needs of the current market, so as to understand the new trends in the current market. trend.
  2. Pattern: When a new design pattern is completed, the pattern is very important. It tells the factory how to produce a product that is exactly the same size and shape as the original design drawing to meet the needs and expectations of customers.
  3. Fabric: A high-quality fabric is especially important for the products produced, but the specific type of fabric depends on the customer’s demand and order quantity.
  4. Sewing: The fabric is sewn together according to the design of the paper pattern by the sewing machine, and then the quality test is added to ensure that there is no problem with the shape.
  5. Decoration: Finally, add decorations, such as pasting brand LOGO, sewing embroidery, etc., to make the final product more exquisite.

In general, the production of knitted children’s pullovers is usually time-consuming and labor-intensive, but as long as the steps are followed one by one, high-quality knitted children’s pullovers will eventually be produced to meet the needs of customers.

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