Today we will introduce in detail how to produce knitted men’s pullovers in a knitted sweater factory.

First of all, make preparations and prepare the required raw materials, including wool, crochet needles, etc. If there are special requirements, you need to prepare auxiliary materials and extra wool. Then, choose crochet hooks of different shapes and yarns of different colors and thicknesses according to the drawing design.

The next step is the production steps. First, make the various parts of the knitting according to the design, and then combine these parts together to close the seam. Then comes the most time-consuming decoration, such as attaching pleats, adding edge seams, etc.

Finally, the final inspection is carried out to check whether the product quality meets the requirements, and if there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time. Once complete, the knitted jumper can be handed over to the quality control department for final inspection.

Knitting sweater factories generally need to go through the above preparations and steps to produce men’s pullovers, which requires a lot of manpower and time. Especially the decoration part requires very meticulous work. In order to speed up production efficiency, knitwear factories are now promoting the use of automatic machines to replace labor.

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