knitted sweaters are one of the most popular clothing in winter, and their uniqueness lies in their fabric, which is made by blending different synthetic fibers or modern fibers.
Nowadays, knitted sweater fabrics mainly include polyester, cotton, acrylic, etc., which are commonly used to make blended fabrics with low mixing ratio and good aftertaste. Polyester blended knitted sweaters have excellent softness, durability, washability, youthful vitality, long-lasting odor, and water resistance; Cotton blended knitted sweaters are comfortable to wear, have good breathability, a shiny surface, and have a simulated plush texture, which can remove oil from the skin and have strong moisture absorption; Polyester fiber fabric has good softness, strong dirt resistance, easy folding, strong pilling resistance, and good skin friendliness.
knitted sweaters can also be made by mixing cotton, special wrinkle resistant fibers, etc. The surface of the fabric made has a special luster and a certain wrinkle resistance effect, making the wearer more energetic and suitable for any occasion.
knitted sweaters, as a type of winter underwear, can enhance the wearing sensation and have a better insulation effect through a reasonable selection of fabrics.

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