It is important to choose the fabric of a sweater. How to choose the fabric of a sweater? In the winter wardrobe, it is essential to wear warm clothing, including a warm knit shirt. Common knitted fabrics include wool, cashmere, mohair, and merino wool, as well as some artificial fibers such as acrylic and polyester. But the performance of these fabrics is very different. Wool comes from sheep and goats, and the finer the wool, the higher the quality. And Nuo wool is more comfortable to wear and warmer than wool’s capillary. Angora wool and cashmere are also from goats. Angora wool has luster and elasticity, and is also one of the most wrinkle resistant natural fiber.
Acrylic fiber has the reputation of synthetic wool, with elasticity and fluffiness similar to natural wool. Therefore, the warmth retention of its fabric is not lower than that of wool fabric, and even about 15% higher than similar wool fabrics.
Elasticity: Its elasticity is good, second only to polyester and about twice higher than nylon. It has good shape retention.
Strength: Although the strength of acrylic fiber is lower than that of polyester and nylon, it is 1-2.5 times higher than that of wool. Heat resistance: The softening temperature of fibers is 190~230 ℃, second only to polyester in synthetic fibers.
Light resistance: Acrylic fiber has the best light resistance among all synthetic fibers. After one year of outdoor exposure, the intensity only decreased by 20%.
Acrylic fabric has poor moisture absorption, is prone to staining, and has a smoldering sensation, but has good dimensional stability. The above is my answer, hoping to provide some help to those in need.

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