1. The high numbered fabric of knitted sweaters is generally relatively tight, so low numbered fabrics are more prone to pilling and pilling than high numbered fabrics. Fabrics with a flat surface are not prone to pilling and pilling, while fabrics with uneven surfaces are prone to pilling and pilling. Therefore, the anti pilling and pilling properties of fat patterned fabrics, ordinary patterned fabrics, ribbed fabrics, and flat needle fabrics are gradually increasing. [br/] 2. Dyeing and finishing process: After dyeing and finishing, yarn or fabric will have a significant impact on pilling resistance, which is related to dyes, additives, and dyeing and finishing process conditions. Yarns dyed with hank yarn are more prone to pilling than those dyed with loose wool or top; Fabrics dyed with finished garments are more prone to pilling than fabrics dyed with yarn; After shaping, especially after resin finishing, the anti pilling and pilling properties of the fabric will be greatly enhanced. Scales are a major characteristic of wool fibers, which endow them with the ability to shrink. Therefore, the essence of anti shrink finishing is to treat scales to weaken or lose their directional friction effect. [br/] 3. Mainly uses chemicals to interact with scales, damaging and softening them; Or use resin to evenly diffuse on the surface of fibers, forming a thin film. This effectively limits the role of scales, causing wool fibers to lose their shrinkage properties and achieve the goal of anti shrinkage. [br/] 4. Viscose silk fabric (artificial silk): The silk surface has a bright but not soft luster, bright colors, smooth hand feel, strong softness and drape, but it is not as light and elegant as real silk. After squeezing the silk surface by hand, it is loosened, with creases and slow recovery. The sound is hoarse when tearing. After wetting the warp and weft yarns with water, they are easily pulled apart. [br/] 5. Pure cotton fabric: The fabric has a soft luster, a soft feel, poor elasticity, and is prone to wrinkles. After squeezing the fabric tightly with your hand and releasing it, obvious wrinkles can be seen, and the creases are not easily restored to their original state. Pull out a few warp and weft yarns from the edge of the fabric and twist them open to observe that the fibers are of varying lengths.

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