1. Polyacrylonitrile fiber is not necessarily synonymous with poor raw materials.
    Many people mistakenly pronounce ‘jing lun’ as’ qing lun ‘, which is the wrong way of thinking. Most people also believe that as long as clothing contains acrylic, it is definitely not a good thing, but in fact, it is not. The price per kilogram of pure acrylic fiber in the industry is actually similar to that of pure cotton, especially for fine count acrylic fibers such as 48 counts, which are not cheaper than cotton yarn. Mixing acrylic fiber with other yarn varieties, such as cotton nitrile and wool nitrile, not only increases the fastness of the original wool yarn, but also plays a significant role in the smoothness and feel of the raw fabric surface. Of course, this is also suitable for individuals. Some people just like the plush and soft feeling of pure cotton and wool. What I want to say is that just because you see acrylic fiber, you should not completely negate the quality of clothing, especially some acrylic fibers that have been treated, such as anti pilling, It is also a quite good and widely used raw material.
  2. There is a significant difference in the quality of wool
    People generally believe that wool is wool, and as long as it is wool, it is a good thing. In fact, there is a lot of diffusion knowledge contained in the single variety of wool. Firstly, in terms of the number of branches, there are usually 2/28nm, 2/30nm, 2/48nm, 2/60nm, and so on from coarse branches to fine branches. To add, the notation here is as follows: 2/28nm is pronounced as 28 double strands, and nm is the unit of the number of strands. The finer the yarn, the more difficult the process is, and of course, the higher the price. The most commonly used is 48 double stranded wool yarn, which is the most conventional variety of wool. Secondly, from the top of wool, it can be divided into 55, 60, 66, 70 or even higher. Top refers to the quality of raw materials before forming wool yarn, so the higher the top, the better the quality of wool yarn produced from wool raw materials. Furthermore, based on the cross-sectional diameter of each wool yarn, the smaller the better. For general wool with a diameter of 21.5 microns, wool above 19.5 microns can be referred to as merino wool, and wool above 16.5 microns can be referred to as ultrafine merino wool. Here, the micro is the unit of cross-sectional diameter of the wool yarn. Moreover, wool is also divided into imported and domestically produced wool, especially Australian wool, commonly known as Australian wool, which is one of the better wool, followed by New Zealand wool, and the price of domestically produced wool is relatively low. Some wool also has special treatments, such as low pilling mercerization treatment, imitation shrinkage treatment, etc. Of course, these are generally aimed at wool with good quality, otherwise the gains and losses are not worth the losses. 1. Wool knitting is different from cotton knitting in that it is directly woven with yarn during the flat knitting process. Just like when we make sweaters, a single yarn cannot be continuously woven from beginning to end. Therefore, in this process, workers will use a knotting method to connect each yarn. Generally speaking, a sweater cannot have knots, but a high-quality sweater always has knots hidden in inconspicuous places such as side seams and armpits.
    Another aspect of the craftsmanship quality of knitwear is reflected in the floral feet, which are commonly referred to as visible stitching (visible stitching) at the neckline and shoulders

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