2、 The difference between woolen sweaters and knitted sweaters.

  1. The scope of naming is different.
    The reason why it is called a knitted shirt is named after the weaving process of the clothes. And woolen sweaters are named based on the material of the clothes.
  2. Different in terms of attribute quality.
    The sweater includes a sweater. There is no mistake in calling a sweater a sweater! Calling knitwear all woolen sweaters is a big mistake.
  3. The materials used are different.
    There are many materials that can be used to make knitwear, including cotton, silk, synthetic silk, and various fluff. The material of a sweater is various fine or thick woolen threads made of wool or cashmere. What we commonly refer to as “sweaters” in our daily lives mostly belong to woolen sweaters. Although many clothes labeled as sweaters nowadays do not contain sufficient wool, at least they contain a certain amount of wool.
  4. The weaving process is different.
    Cotton knitwear and chemical fiber knitwear in knitwear can be combined by cutting, sewing, and weaving techniques. So most of them are made with machines.
    And woolen sweaters cannot use those two techniques, and each piece of clothing can only be sewn in a woven way. So the initial woolen sweaters were all woven by pure hand, and many years ago, mothers and mothers-in-law knitted the “Warm Brand” sweaters one by one. Although machine weaving is now available, there is still a part that must be made manually.
  5. Prices vary.
    Under normal circumstances, due to the natural and relatively scarce nature of wool, woolen sweaters and cashmere sweaters are much more expensive than ordinary cotton thread and chemical fiber knitwear. Of course, woolen sweaters also have price differences due to the amount of real wool contained inside. Whole wool is expensive, while those with low wool content will be cheaper.
  6. The insulation effect varies.
    In terms of warmth retention, pure woolen sweaters are preferred. Rabbit wool and mixed wool come in second place, while cotton and synthetic fiber knitwear are inferior.
  7. Adapt to different seasons.
    Because cotton and synthetic fiber knitwear have a certain degree of warmth retention, but they are lightweight and breathable, making them more suitable for wearing in spring and autumn seasons. Nowadays, due to technological advancements, knitwear can be made cooler and lighter, and with the use of some ice silk materials, summer style knitwear also appears in the hot summer. There are almost always suitable knitwear styles to wear in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
    Pure woolen sweaters are relatively thick and have good warmth retention. Even if they are not made entirely of wool, their heat storage effect will be better than that of cotton and synthetic fibers, making them suitable for wearing in colder winter seasons.
  8. Differences in style focus.
    knitwear, due to its diverse combination of craftsmanship and emphasis on style design, is highly popular with various popular elements such as graffiti, stripes, prints, pearls, lace, etc. It can vary in style and is relatively affordable, making it very popular.
    Sweaters are limited by materials and processing methods, and their styles are generally ordinary, traditional, and classic. Focusing on warmth and comfort, compared to other knitwear, there are not so many fashionable changes.

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