1. Matching Elements of Sweater and Coat
  2. Color: Usually choose dark, medium, and gray sweaters for outerwear, such as dark blue, beige, brown, etc. 2. Material: Choose a thicker material that can keep warm and soft, making it comfortable to wear and providing better results. 3. Cutting: Based on one’s own body characteristics, choose a more slim fitting style to make the entire design more fashionable and exquisite.
    2、 Principles of matching sweaters and coats
  3. Avoid too monotonous color matching: When choosing sweaters and jackets in different color schemes, we can choose two different colors or styles of sweaters and style them together, giving you a fashionable and eye-catching styling effect.
  4. Consider size matching: The sweater jacket you choose should be suitable for your body and size, and should not be too large or too small. An oversized jacket may appear messy, while a smaller one may appear too restrictive. Therefore, you should choose a more suitable jacket based on the actual situation.
    3、 Matching techniques for sweaters and jackets
  5. Matching top: A relatively simple top is a basic pairing, which can be worn with sweaters, jackets, individual T-shirts, slim suits, shirts, and other tops. This pairing is very stylish.
  6. Matching pants: You can choose jeans, casual pants, etc. to match the style, with a strong sense of fashion; If it’s a loose plush jacket, it can be paired with black jumpsuits for a more stylish look.
    4、 Tips for pairing sweaters and jackets
  7. Matching shoes: It can be paired with casual shoes such as sports shoes, canvas shoes, leather shoes, etc. When paired with a sweater jacket, it can reflect your fashion taste.
  8. Matching accessories: Accessories are not only related to the quality of the pairing, but also to your personality. You can choose accessories that are more tasteful and distracting to assist in the overall design, such as watches, which can be the finishing touch of the pairing.

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