sweater factory production sweater video introduction

The production process of sweater factories mainly includes fabric pre -processing, fabric tissue, fabric dyeing, fabric application, fabric disinfection, fabric ironing, fabric plate making, fabric sewing, fabric trimming, fabric inspection, finished packaging, etc.

The first is the pre -processing of the fabric and pre -processing the raw fabric, including cleaning, drying, insect -resistant, etc. to ensure that the subsequent process can be carried out smoothly.

The second is the fabric tissue, which organizes the well -dyed fabric according to a certain size and style to prepare to enter the application process.

Then the fabric was applied to apply soft active coatings to the dyed fabric to make it soft and warm to better wear it.

Then the fabric is disinfected, and the applied fabric is disinfected and sterilized, so as not to have any discomfort after wearing.

Next is the ironing of the fabric, put the disinfected fabric into the ironing machine, and the fabric is smoother by ironing to be comfortable to wear.

Continue to be a fabric version, cutting and stitching the fabric according to the style, so that different sweaters can be made according to different styles.

Then the fabric sews, put the cut fabric into the sewing machine, stitch the fabric into clothes by sewing, and complete the production of sweaters.

Then the fabric is trimmed, and the sewing sweaters are trimmed to meet the standards for the standard to better wear it.

Finally, the fabric inspection is inspected and the quality test is inspected to ensure the quality of the sweater so as to meet the consumer’s requirements.

Finally, the finished product is packaged. The inspection of the passing sweater is packed and prepared to ship the goods.

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