There are three main sources of wool blended sweaters: first, raw wool, which is made from wool or goat hair; The second is blended wool, which refers to a fabric made by weaving wool and other fiber materials together; The third is wool blended sweater, which refers to a sweater made by weaving wool and other fiber materials together.
Wool blended sweater is a type of sweater made from both blended fibers and wool. It originated in the 1980s when countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy began producing this type of sweater on a large scale. Wool blended sweaters have wear resistance, dirt resistance, and softness, making them suitable for formal wear. Its price is also much cheaper than pure wool or blended sweaters, and it is highly favored by consumers.
Wool blending refers to a textile made by mixing wool with other fibers (such as cotton, linen, artificial wool, etc.). It can maintain the characteristics of wool and improve its wearing comfort, which is beneficial for controlling production costs. Wool blended fabrics are widely used in the field of clothing due to their excellent wearing comfort, softness, and warmth retention.
Wool blended fabrics have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good tensile resistance, good bending resistance, good wear resistance, and good breathability. The texture of the fabric is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to touch. It is clean and comfortable to wear, and can effectively resist UV, water, and bacteria. It has good warmth retention and is widely used in daily clothing, quilts, blankets, jackets, and other clothing fields.

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