Sweater technology refers to the process of making sweaters from wool or other similar fibers, which includes two different techniques: knitting and weaving. knitting sweater technology refers to the process of weaving wool into a fabric through multiple weaving and weaving machines, while knitting sweater refers to the process of weaving yarn or knitting thread into a fabric.

knitted cardigan is the most common type of sweater technology, usually woven from cotton yarn, wool thread, or other fiber threads. The color can be single color or combination color, and the design form is more diverse, which can achieve different forms of cardigan such as zippers, drawstrings, and buttons.

The production process of a knitted cardigan is generally divided into several steps: first, the preparation of yarn. Each yarn of different colors needs to be woven to ensure the beautiful pattern of the cardigan; The second step is the weaving process, where the yarn is woven into mint patterns, exquisite wave patterns, and delicate English patterns through a weaving machine; Finally, there is the finishing process, which involves organizing the knitted sweater to ensure its quality and aesthetics

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