The production routine of a knitted sweater manufacturer 1. Prepare raw materials Different yarns have different prices, and knitted sweaters are made of wool and other natural materials that are hand-picked by textile workers. The fibers of knitted sweaters are made of wool, but in order to maintain their softness, they are specially treated to ensure that there are no problems during the knitting process. 2. Weaving Weaving is the process of weaving yarns into yarns and arranging them into desired shapes. This includes starting with the most basic techniques, such as weaving and sewing. The process is called weaving, and needles are used to weave the yarn. It’s a slow and time-consuming process because you have to do it all by hand. Generally, a knitted sweater can take several days to complete. 3. Sewing The last step is sewing, which is the process of stitching together a complete knitted sweater. This process can also be done online. This requires threading the needle into the thread. The final step is to combine them to form the shape of the sweater so they can be worn together. 4. Packaging The final step is packaging, packing the garment into a bag or bag. This can be sold in retail stores or online marketplaces, or sent directly to customers. The daily work of knitted sweater manufacturers is very hard and tedious, but they are also contributing to the development of this industry.

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