Children’s sweaters are 70 yards, 80 yards, 90 yards, 100 yards, 110 yards, 120 yards, 130 yards, 140 yards, 150 yards, 160 yards. There are boys’ and girls’ sweaters, and there are children’s and big children’s sweaters. In the process of producing children’s sweaters, it is necessary to consider the anti-pilling degree of the fabric. We usually test the fabric to ensure the safety of the sweater fabric. At the same time, different fabrics can be selected according to the price, the commonly used fabrics are mohair, 100% cotton, wool and other fabrics. Mohair fabrics to make the sweater is thicker, 100% cotton fabric often do children’s clothing bottoms.

Children’s sweater made of mohair
Boy’s sweater made of 100% cotton

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Children's sweater
Girl’s sweater made of 100% cotton

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