Recently, our sweater factory opened a new production line for embroidered knitted T-shirt sweaters. The factory has launched a new season of T-shirt sweaters to customers. The style is novel, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the high-quality knitted fabric is treated with anti-wrinkle and embroidered to create a fresh feeling. The sexy lines are eye-catching. The T-shirt sweater fabric of the new season is made of selected high-quality cotton fabrics, which not only have a soft and comfortable feeling, but also have unique properties of antibacterial, anti-mite, and anti-ultraviolet rays, and can easily resist the heat even in summer. Moreover, the embroidery pattern on the T-shirt sweater is made of high-grade and very fine yarn, which is carefully crafted by hand, which greatly increases the overall aesthetics of the sweater and attracts people’s attention even more.

Due to the addition of the new embroidery technology for T-shirt sweaters, the product series of the sweater factory has become more colorful, and it has also been positively recognized by consumers. This not only expands the factory’s product market, but also increases consumers’ satisfaction with knitted sweaters, making T-shirt sweaters more popular in the knitted apparel market.

embroidery knit
jumper with embroidery

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