the sweater factory is going to customize logo knitted sweaters for the school team in the first district. Since precious boutiques will choose the most suitable knitted sweaters for custom clothing, the sweater factory attaches great importance to this custom sweater program.

First of all, the designer will refine the logo design first, and consider the sweater font, pattern size ratio, color matching, material environmental protection, needle feel and fabric texture, etc., to ensure that the final knitted sweater design is exquisite, elegant and attractive force.

Secondly, the workers in the knitting factory must also consider the quality when knitting. After the skilled sweater makers install the fabric and the outline of the sweater on the machine, they will carry out precise knitting according to the logo pattern of the sweater. quality assurance.

Finally, after the sweater is produced, the factory will also conduct quality inspections, such as checking the details of the sweater pattern, the change of the slope, the elasticity and comfort of the sweater, and so on. Only by checking the knitted sweaters with high quality assurance can we ensure that the logo knitted sweaters of the school team are authentic, each piece is exquisite and has a certain warmth retention effect.

To sum up, the sweater factory attaches great importance to the production of customized school team logo knitted sweaters. In the process of design, production and quality inspection, all efforts are required to ensure that every sweater produced can please the team members and is a high-quality product. product!

cardigan logo

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