A blog post about how to find a sweater factory and how to mass-customize knitted cardigan sweaters

  1. How to find a sweater factory
  2. Search for “sweater factory” on social networking sites or business classifieds sites. Most factories will have their own websites displaying their products, services and pricing.
  3. Take the initiative to contact the wholesalers or suppliers displayed on the sweater industry website, and inquire about their prices and the ability to mass-customize the production of sweaters.
  4. Use online platforms to find suppliers related to the sweater industry, such as the B2B market. Online suppliers and their information will be more comprehensive to evaluate whether their products and services meet the requirements, as well as reference prices for reference.
  5. Interview and investigation. After establishing contact with sweater factories, you can inspect their equipment and craftsmanship, and you can also propose sample requirements and quality standards for customized products, and discuss production prices.
  6. Batch custom production of knitted cardigan sweaters
  7. Determine the design drawing: There are many styles of cardigan sweaters, so to customize your own sweater, you must first have a clear design drawing of your own open cardigan.
  8. knitted fabrics: It is best to use knitted fabrics for cardigan sweaters. The most common is cotton knitted fabrics, which are durable and have high air permeability. At the same time, you can choose some blended materials, such as cotton + polyester fiber, which can keep warm and reduce pilling role.
  9. Business agreement: The two parties need to negotiate on the quality, delivery time, purchase quantity, price, etc. of mass-customized cardigan sweaters, and improve the production business agreement to ensure a win-win situation.
  10. Quality inspection: After the production is completed, in order to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of the cardigan sweater, it is recommended to arrange a professional to do the quality inspection, or you can sample inspection to ensure that the sweater can be delivered to the customer on time.

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