The process of producing sweaters in a sweater factory is a multi-stage production process from wool material to the final finished sweater. Regardless of small batch or large batch production, it needs to go through the following major processes:

  1. Wool shearing: the wool material is sheared, and the raw material is split into chunks of various sizes and shapes.
  2. Quilting core: Place the sheared wool on the special nail-shaped functional cloth, and then quilting according to the sweater style. This step is often the most time-consuming and laborious step.
  3. Shape finalization: first stitch the quilted wool into the pattern required by the sweater, add the decorative elements required by the sweater, and then finalize the shape.
  4. Washing law: Wash the shaped sweater with a special detergent to bring out the surface effects of the sweater such as elasticity, softness, hand feel and cotton wool.
  5. Packing and boxing: the sweater is packed and boxed according to the customer’s requirements, and then it can be stored and shipped later.

In short, mass production of sweaters needs to go through the above major links. If the management and process are in place, the fast and efficient production of sweater factories can basically be guaranteed.

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