Nowadays, more and more parents want to customize children’s jacquard pullovers for their children to highlight their advantages of personality, warmth, fashion and beauty, and ensure that children can change clothes for a season. To make this kind of customized clothing, what kind of technology should sweater manufacturers use to meet the needs of customers?

First of all, sweater factories that customize pullovers should use knitting machines for product processing. According to customer requirements, consider the color and texture of yarns, etc., to ensure the color and detail effects of the products, and make children feel warm and comfortable.

Secondly, during the production process, the designer needs to reasonably allocate the size of the details according to the child’s body shape. The details of the processing must be considered in terms of thickness, jacquard texture, etc., and special attention must be paid to the safety of vegetable dyes to ensure that the child’s skin is safe and comfortable. .

Finally, in the whole production process, each processing procedure is strictly required. From the procurement of raw materials to the sorting of finished garments, every step must be carried out according to the requirements of customers, so as to ensure that the final finished children’s jacquard pullover sweater reaches the highest quality. quality standards.

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